The field of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials is concerned with the development of new, high-tech materials coupled with innovations in the manufacturing processes needed to produce them. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Engineers must understand a material’s physical, chemical, and processing properties, and, how to modify these properties to fit a particular use. This field has allowed us to harness micro and Nano properties of materials and create “smart” polymer materials that can heal themselves when damaged. Of course once these new materials have been created, new high-tech manufacturing processes must be developed and put into operation in order to produce them on a mass scale. To do this cutting-edge work, these professionals must have a strong understanding of Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Technologies. Learn more about Advanced Manufacturing and Materials by watching the Career profile video below.

Career Video

In this career profile video, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Engineers from Cornerstone Research Group in Dayton, Ohio describe some of the Advanced Materials they are working on, such as shape-memory polymers. They also discuss the new systems they must develop in order to efficiently manufacture these new materials. These professionals describe what it is they love about their job and why they chose to pursue careers in engineering. They also offer advice on the importance of taking STEM subjects as well as those subjects that help you think critically and communicate effectively.

Viewing Guides

Teacher Background Video

The accompanying teacher background video provides teachers with additional information about the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials career path and how to help interested students prepare for post-secondary education. The video also offers teacher tips, discussion suggestions, and additional resources.

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