Agricultural Engineers apply the principles of mechanical, environmental, and other engineering disciplines, combined with knowledge of biological sciences and ecology to help improve farming practice and systems. The work of Agricultural Engineers helps to solve the problems of producing enough food to feed a growing population, and enough energy to support that growing population, while maintaining and improving environmental quality. These engineering professionals play an important role in balancing how we utilize, and simultaneously preserve, our natural resources. Learn more about this important STEM career field by watching the Career profile video below.

Career Video

This career profile video features Agricultural Engineers from The Ohio State University and the University of Dayton. Together they explain the work of agricultural engineers and how they use their knowledge of biology, ecosystems, and engineering to make farms more energy-efficient and our food supply safe and plentiful. These professionals each describe what drew them to Agricultural Engineering and detail their educational background and career path.

Viewing Guides

Teacher Background Video

The accompanying teacher background video provides teachers with additional information about the Agricultural Engineering career path and how to help interested students prepare for post-secondary education. The video also offers teacher tips, discussion suggestions, and additional resources.

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