Biomechanical Engineering is a subset of Biomedical Engineering and can best be described as applying the principles of mechanical engineering and biological knowledge to the human body. The principles of Biomechanical Engineering are commonly applied in clinical, sports, and occupational domains where these inventive professionals help improve people’s lives in a number of ways. Biomechanical Engineers develop assistive devices for people with disabilities; help to improve athletic performance, and even study and record human movement for high-tech animated effects used in the film industry.

Career Video

Biomechanical Engineers from the University of Dayton describe how they help people by applying their knowledge of mechanical engineering to the human body. Hear from these STEM professionals as they describe what it is they love about their job, their educational background and career path, and how their motivation to enter this field sprung from their desire to make a direct impact on people’s lives.

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Teacher Background Video

The accompanying teacher background video provides teachers with additional information about the Biomechanical Engineering field and how to help interested students prepare for a Biomechanical Engineering educational path. The video also offers teacher tips, discussion suggestions, and additional resources.

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