Systems Engineers draw from many engineering disciplines and backgrounds while relying on an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems. Systems Engineers are involved in a wide variety of projects, from spacecraft and chip design, to creating large software projects and developing cutting edge technologies that can be applied to a number of domains. Because Systems Engineers work on projects involving different elements working together within a system, they often work in interdisciplinary teams with other professionals possessing expertise on electrical, software, or mechanical components.

Career Video

In this career profile video, Systems Engineers from Cornerstone Research Group in Dayton, Ohio describe how they became interested in an engineering career and what it is they love about the cutting-edge projects they get to work on –whether that’s protecting wounded soldiers from further injury or launching high-tech habitats on the moon. Both professionals explain the importance of having a strong background in STEM subjects as well as courses that help you “think outside of the box” like art, writing, or even philosophy.

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Teacher Background Video

The accompanying teacher background video provides teachers with additional information about the Systems Engineering career path and how to help interested students prepare for post-secondary education. The video also offers teacher tips, discussion suggestions, and additional resources.

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