STEM Career Lab: Designing Your Future is a multimedia project developed to help Ohio educators engage high school students in exciting STEM fields. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and the need for professionals in these high-tech and in-demand fields is on the rise.

Through the videos and resources on the STEM Career Lab website, high school students hear from STEM professionals just what it is they love about their STEM career, how what they learned in high school is applied on the job every day, and how students can prepare now for an exciting STEM career of the future.

The project focuses on professions in the fields of:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Architecture
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Human Performance
  • Systems Engineering
  • Virtual Reality Design
  • Water Resource Managment
Each student video is accompanied by a viewing guide which can also be used as a pre and post assessment. For teachers, the project features corresponding teacher resource videos that offer ideas on how to build student interest in the featured STEM fields, ideas for teaching the math and science concepts described in the videos, and additional background information to help lead class discussions.

About Project Partners CET and ThinkTV

CET and ThinkTV are southwest Ohio’s Public Television Stations, part of Public Media Connect. CET and ThinkTV are leading providers of education and enrichment in classrooms and living rooms throughout southwest Ohio. Through PBS and local programming, innovative multimedia curriculum projects, parent workshops and teacher training, CET and ThinkTV positively impacts thousands of lives in our community. To learn more, please visit ThinkTV at and CET at

Project Partners and Credits


Producers: Christian Appleby, Mary Anne Kirk, Gary Greenberg
Videographer: Nick Baute, Richard Nordstrom
Production support: Mike Schwartz, Matt Schwartz, Mike Cornett

Gloria Skurski, Mary Anne Kirk, Gary Greenberg

PROJECT Support:
Jason Wilson
Debi Thevenin
Charles Cole
Web Design:
Mary Anne Kirk
April Sadowski
Michael Steele

Special Thanks to:
The University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, and Architecture
Turner Construction
The University of Dayton Research Institute
Wright State University Center of Excellence in Human-Centered Innovation
The Wright Patterson Air Force Base 711th Human Performance Wing
The Dayton Regional STEM School
International TechneGroup Inc.
Rockwell Collins
Hamilton Educational Services Center
Virtual Heroes
Madeira High School
Loveland High School
Taylor High School
East Marshall Community School District, Iowa
Dayton Regional STEM Center
Grant Wood Area Education Agency, Iowa
NASA Learning Technologies


For more information about this project, or, how to order DVD copies of the videos, please contact Debi Thevenin at or 937-220-1708.