Electrical engineers design, develop, test and oversee the development and manufacturing of electrical systems and equipment such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, and power generation systems. Electrical Engineering often includes Electronics Engineering as a subfield. Electronics Engineers design and develop electronic equipment from microprocessors to GPS systems. Whatever the specialty, these Electrical Engineering professionals are at the forefront of creating new, cutting-edge technologies like smartphone displays, artificial intelligence, micro and nano device systems, sensor technology, and more. Learn more about this exciting STEM field by viewing the Career video below.

Career Video

In this career profile video, Electrical Engineers from the University of Cincinnati describe how their cutting-edge research leads to new technologies such as touch screens, and smart phone displays, super-fast computers and even Artificial Intelligence. Professionals describe what it is they love about their job, their educational background and career path, as well as a number of career tracks and applications for electrical engineering.

Viewing Guides

Teacher Background Video

The accompanying teacher background video provides teachers with additional information about the Electrical Engineering career path and how to help interested students prepare for post-secondary education. The video also offers teacher tips, discussion suggestions, and additional resources.

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